EMPI 934 CV Joints

Larger CV Joints make it possible to run higher horsepower loads and axle angles. This is important with today’s high horsepower long-travel race cars and sand buggies. EMPI’s High Performance CV Joints offer all of the quality benefits a Hi-Performance CV joint should. These 934 CV joints come standard with Chromoly Cages and hardened alloy inner/outer races that are precision machined, ground, and hand inspected. P/N 98-5097B is a standard fit non-grooved 934 CV joint. P/N 98-5098B features a looser fit tolerance s to allow for increased axle angles. P/N 98-5096B has the same loose fit as P/N 98-5098B, but comes with a machined grooved outer housing to lighten CV and aid in cooling. CA Prop 65 Warning


Sku List:

MB98-5096B934 CV Joint | 934 | 33 Spline | EMPI Price: $226.71
MB98-5097B934 CV Joint | 934 | 33 Spline | EMPI Price: $143.91
MB98-5098B934 CV Joint | 934 | 33 Spline | EMPI Price: $154.71