System Overview

A graphic & web designer saw a need for a content mangement sytem customized for the Off-Road & Automotive After-market, Off-Road Racing, Enthusiasts, Extreme Sports, and Action Sports industries. He approached Monk Development to create FUEL 360. The existing 'off the shelf' products and third party applications reached a point of diminishing returns. This graphic & web designer, and Monk Development decided to build a system that tackled the challenges he faced. Monk developemnt now offers this powerfull CMS to other design companies servicing these markets

Many businesses fail to use their website to gather new customers and continually provide valuable or current information to their existing customers. These two areas are often the primary goals of why companies create a website in the first place. FUEL 360 addresses both of these challenges:

Challenge # 1 Most company websites provide little value to their existing customers.

A website can be an effective tool to communicate the vision of your company, provide information about your services and/or products and other valuable information relevant to your market. This was the motivation behind FUEL 360 System's creation of an easy-to-use, web-based tool to manage, update and create new content for your company website. FUEL 360 allows Company owners, managerial staff, employees and other contributors to ensure your website is updated consistently with new products, events, and articles for your customers to view. These contributors are able to login to the system anywhere they have access to the Internet. Companies can now bring numerous people into a participating role to keep the website content current, fresh, and up to date.

Challenge # 2 most company websites miss opportunities to gather new customers.

There are simple ways a company can bring in numerous customers every month. For most new companies, being able to gather 10 to 20+ additional customers a month can make a big difference.   FUEL 360 is designed based on web-standards and incorporates the latest Search Engine Optimization methodologies to position your companies website highly on search engines.  This means, people who search for a product or service that your company offers, are more likely to find your website.

Our Solution

FUEL 360 is a total web-based solution. FUEL 360 gives companies the tools to manage complex functions, through one easy system. FUEL 360 makes it easy to...

arrow Communicate through email, html, documents, mp3s, bitorrents, podcasts, rss.
arrow Manage customers/members, from new customers to existing customers and centralize communication with them.
arrow Gather new visitors through search engine optimization.
arrow Keep your site current with new content, allow multiple (non-technical) users to input new products, press releases, events, and articles for visitors to read.
arrow Add events, allow people to rsvp, process payments for events and track who plans to attend.

These are just a few of the benefits of FUEL 360. FUEL 360 is easy to implement, here's how your company can get started today.


Great CSS driven design

Use your current design - Use our system if you already have a great design but want to add in our functionality.

Use one of our award-winning design partners to design your website.


Built based on Web Standards (W3C)

-Separation of Content and Web Features : Modify navigation and website tools without disrupting content.

-Separation of Content and Presentation : Maintain consistency in design for all new content created with style-based content authoring.

One central database Instead of running several third party applications, with different sets of databases, companies can have all these solutions in one location.

Integrates powerful Technologies - (mp3, rss, podcasting)

Easy to Use Administration