Sway-A-Way VW Leaf Springs

VW Leaf Springs
VW front torsion leaves are produced from a special spring steel custom made for Sway-A-Way. The grub screw holes are drilled on several different center-to-center distances for both standard and widened beams. The leaves are then heat treated, shot peened and oiled before packaging. They are available for both the link pin and ball joint front ends.



6001-Link Pin Front End....20% Stiffer Than Stock (5/1600)
6002-Ball Joint Front End..15% Stiffer Than Stock (Class 9 & 11)
6006-Link-Pin Front End....13% Stiffer Than Stock (1/2-1600)
6007-Link Pin Front End....5% Stiffer Than Stock (1/2-1600)


Sku List:

SAW6001Sway-A-Way VW Leaf Springs Link Pin 5 Leaf | Sway-A-Way Price: $417.05
SAW6002Sway-A-Way VW Leaf Springs Ball Joint | Sway-A-Way Price: $208.05
SAW6006Sway-A-Way VW Leaf Springs Link Pin 6 Leaf | Sway-A-Way Price: $436.05
SAW6007Sway-A-Way VW Leaf Springs Link Pin 7 Leaf | Sway-A-Way Price: $455.05