RED LINE Motor Oils

RED LINE Synthetic Motor Oils are formulated with poly-ester base stocks which can withstand the treamendous heat of modern jet engines, this fact and the natural multigrade property of synthetic's make these oils a great choce for hot running air-cooled race engines or turbo-charged applications.
Only the most stable synthetic components are used to provide superior wear protection and low friction properties, especially when compared to non-synthetic motor oils.
Longer drain intervals means you don't have to change oil as often, 10-18,000 miles or once a year is reccomended.

Sku List:

RED1030Motor Oil | Synthetic | 10W-30wt. | Quart | RED LINE Price: $13.85
RED1030CSMotor Oil | Synthetic | 10W-30wt. | Case (12 Qts.) | RED LINE Price: $166.2 $155.84
RED2050Motor Oil | Synthetic | 20W-50wt. | Quart | RED LINE Price: $13.85
RED2050CSMotor Oil | Synthetic | 20W-50wt. | Case (12 Qts.) | RED LINE Price: $166.2 $155.84