Fortin Billet Shifter

Fortin Racing’s newest shifter is made from 6061 T-6 aluminum for precise shifting and rock solid gear selection. These great looking billet aluminum shifters feature sealed bearings which makes this shifter virtually maintenance free.

Fortin Billet shifters are available in standard, or reverse lock-out designs.

All shifters features 34 degree shift shaft rotation and .800" travel.

Perfect for off-road racing or sand cars. The sealed linear ball bearings and hardened shafts help keep dirt and debris out.

01 Fortin Billet Shifter is available for the following applications:

Rear Engine Fortin (Non Lock Out) Use 01-B or 01-BBK

Rear Engine Bus Box (Lock-Out) Use 01LO-B or 01LO-BBK

Rear Engine 4-Speed Mendola (Lock-Out) Use 01LO-B or 01LO-BBK

Mid-Engine Albins (Non Lock-Out) Use 01-B or 01-BBK

Sku List:

FTN-01-BBillet Shifter | Non Lockout | Machined Aluminum | Fortin Price: $498
FTN-01-B-BKBillet Shifter | Non Lockout | Anodized Black | Fortin Racing Price: $498
FTN-01LO-BBillet Shifter | Lockout | Machined Aluminum | Fortin Racing Price: $502
FTN-01LO-B-BKBillet Shifter | Lockout | Anodized Black | Fortin Racing Price: $502