Fresh Air Helmet Systems

Impact Helmet Shields

Impact Helmet Shields are manufactured from high grade, UV-stabilized optical quality poly-carbonate materials. Impact's helmet shields feature excellent dimensional stability, high temperature resistance, outstanding impact strength, and exceptional clarity for the premium visual acuity. Available in Clear, Light Tint, Dark Tint, Hi-Definition, Chrome, Blue Chrome, and Yellow Chrome tints. These shields fit Air Draft, Draft TS, Supersport, Supersport Air, 1320, and Fueler. 



Sku List:

IMP-19300905Helmet Shield | Air Draft | Yellow Chrome | Impact Price: $69.95
IMP-19300906Helmet Shield | Air Draft | Blue Chrome | Impact Price: $69.95
IMP-19300908Helmet Shield | Air Draft | Chrome | Impact Price: $69.95
IMP-19399901Helmet Shield | Air Draft | Clear | Impact Price: $69.95
IMP-19399902Helmet Shield | Air Draft | Light Smoke | Impact Price: $69.95
IMP-19399903Helmet Shield | Air Draft | Dark Smoke | Impact Price: $74.95
IMP-19399904Helmet Shield | Air Draft | High Definition | Impact Price: $74.95