Fortin 934 Double CV Boot

Fortin Racing 934 Double CV Boots modular design are a step ahead of other boot designs in that aluminum inner boot flange unbolts from steel outer flange and provides additional axle clearance. This design also makes boot attatchment easier and more secure. Some racers run just inner boot, or you can add on the leather boot for maximum protection. Outer boot is made from heavy duty double layer leather for extra durability. Boot holders are available for transmission side, or hub side. Leather Outer boots are available for transmission side, or hub side. Rubber inner boots fit both hub side, or transmission side. Boot holders are supplied with hardware.


Sku List:

FTN-934BTHLDR-Hub934 CV Double Boot Holder-Hub Side | 934 | Hub Side | Fortin Racing Price: $192
FTN-934BTHLDR-Trans934 CV Double Boot Holder-Trans. Side | 934 | Trans. Side | Fortin Racing Price: $106
FTN-934CV-In-Boot934 Inner Boot | 934 | Rubber | Fortin Racing Price: $29
FTN-LCVB-H934 Outer Boot-Hub Side | 934 | Hub Side | Leather | Fortin Racing Price: $75
FTN-LCVB-T934 Outer Boot-Trans. Side | 934 | Trans. Side | Leather | Fortin Racing Price: $75