930 CV Joint

The standard Porsche 930 CV joint (P/N 930 CV) is a stock production Porsche part. These Porsche parts have become the most popular CV joint for use in class 5/1600, 1 / 2-1600, and class 12 racing classes. The 930 CV joint is also popular for medium horsepower play cars, and sand cars. The stock 930 CV joint is a great choice for these cars, but in order to survive racing or long travel use it requires modification.
Due to the brittle nature of the stock 930 CV cage we strongly recommend changing to a more durable Chromoly or 300M cage. These replacement cages will hold up much better to higher angles and increased horsepower than the stock item.

930-Prepped-CV_200-X-150 930CVStar-p-200-x-150




The disassembled 930 "Prepped" CV Joint seen above is shown after the ball grooves have been polished, and is shown with a chromoly CV Cage which is sold separately.
Proper off-road preparation of the 930 CV joint is done with a special polishing stone. (See CV Polishing Bits in Race Prep Tool section)
The grooves of the inner star and the CV outer housing can be de-burred, and polished to “loosen up” the CV joint as it operates through the suspension travel. (see CV Star picture)   

CV cages and CV stars are available separately in 300M* (See Fortin CV Cages or Fortin CV Stars

*300M is a higher grade chromoly which will better withstand higher levels of abuse and survive for a longer period of time than the Chromoly version.

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930-CV930 Turbo CV Joint | 930 | 28 Spline | GKN Price: $94.95